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"Delicious and still healthy! I’m ready for my 5th plate!"

Hoganne Harrison-Walton, reviewed Dab's Meal Prep

"I must say the turkey meatloaf was amazing!"

Jerome SlimRome Owens, reviewed Dab's Meal Prep

"Awesome food plus Ms. Dab is a wonderful lady!"

Bernadette Johnson, reviewed Dab's Cafe

"The food is authentic Soul Food - one visit took me back

to being 8 or 9 growing up in Detroit! Ms. Dab is very personable and passionate about the world of culinary excellence. The location at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport plays a dual role - you will travel to a new place via airplane and/or culinary delight! Keep Soaring Superstar." :-) 

Shon Barnwell, reviewed Dab's Cafe

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